Founder/Executive Director:
Rosalind M Jamerson

Founder's Mission

MEMRA was founded by Rosalind Jamerson in December, 2006 and dedicated to the loving memory of Marquise McDonald, Oscar Taylor, Jr., and Rodney Cobb after experiencing three devastating family tragedies. After caring for a disabled and severely ill family member living day-to-day in stress, Rosalind went on a mission to help others living through difficult times.

  • The MEMRA green leaf represents the promise of one person on a mission to help support the sick when in need. A leaf flies away and lands in different places at different times, so does MEMRA, by assisting different people for different reasons at different times. The promise started when a personal commitment was made, to help other individuals suffering from a medical hardship or tragedy. Experiencing the lost of Rosalind's 4 year old nephew burned due to domestic violence, in addition to, not one, but two immediate family members undertake a medical nightmare that caused months and months of hardship making it back to recovery. Rosalind sincerely hopes this commitment ignites hope, passion, and support out to millions to create a world effect by promoting awareness and detecting early warning signs and symptoms by helping others collect significant information about prevention, treatment, complications and self-care.

Please help support our disabled, sick, injured, and less fortunate by donating furniture or new and used medical equipment to those in need. If only seven (7) people a month is provided for, that's seven (7) better than none.

Board President:
Rosalind M Jamerson

Board Secretary:
Mrs. Bessie Evans

Board Treasurer:
Ashley Carroll


Administrative Assistant:  

Dedicated Volunteers:  Delivery Driver: Samuel Williamson. Receptionist: Maryion Garrett.


Our mission as an organization is to provide assistance and resources to help individuals medically, emotionally, socially, financially and spiritually when in need and experiencing an illness, hardship, tragedy or devastation.


Knowing you can make things different by having the knowledge to accomplish something that makes a difference and putting determination in a manner that benefits all.


The MEMRA vision is to provide a unique relief service to disadvantaged people and to those in need by making a difference in their lives regardless of race, age, gender, disability, cultural backgrounds, religious preference and sexual orientation.


What MEMRA holds to The Heart is:
Customer Loyalty and Employee Satisfaction - "Good Customer and Employee Relationships."

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