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To: Rosalind and Memra Staff

Thank you so much for the financial support that you provided to help with some of the funeral expenses for Emily Bonuelos. The funeral was special! Thanks to Memra


Hey you,

I am extremely impressed and very, very proud of you!!! You put a lot of work, heart, and soul into this website. Words could not express my feelings as I was strolling through the various pages contained on the site as to your commitment in offering a helping hand to those in need. Your dedication page is awesome!

I really like the green leaf logo. I pray that God continues to bless you and your commitment to assisting others. I know and believe that he can and will touch and this organization will prosper. M. Watkins


Thank you for contributing toys for the Children of Cunningham Elementary School. Your generous donation of coloring books, umberllas, and backpacks filled with toys. Your donation enabled many children to have a Christmas that they would not have had without your kind donation ...

Edie Whitley
District Loss Prevention Manager

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Bayshore Club Apartments

You and MEMRA were a God send for all of the love and dedication you showed us at Bayshore Club this past holiday. Thank you so much for all of the gifts, food, and especially the bikes that were donated for the children at Bayshore Club. I still have parents coming into my office thanking me for the "thoughtfulness" and the spirit of giving that was shared with them and their children ...
Noue Wallwork
Community Manager

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Since the beginning of MEMRA Dec, 2006 the organization has assisted over 5,600 individuals and families and counting!

Samantha and Baby Jaxon

Words cannot express the appreication I feel to be blessed by someone that does not know me

I appreciate everything that you are doing for me and my son.

Everything is such a blessing and means the world to me.

Vegas Scene Magazine

"A Passion for Compassionate Health Care"

It is estimated that 1 in 5 Nevadans do not have health care insurance (LV Sun 1/4/2012). Combined with the one of the worst economy's in the United States, this medical nightmare has become a reality for many Nevadans.

But while Washington continues to debate the best way to address this issue, right here in North Las Vegas Rosalind Jamerson is determined to defeat the local health insurance crisis the only way she knows how - one patient at a time.
By: Allison Otero
2012 - Dec 06

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Rosalind Jamerson, Founder of MEMRA:

Medtyme Emergency Medical Relief Association Medtyme.org

"She is really an incredible individual that has given back to the community without a second thought or recognition. She has kept quiet for too long and the community needs to thank her for her selflessness!"
Bessy Lee

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